We all loved the cooking that came from the pages of the Spann cookbook or the kitchen known to everyone as either mom, grandma, or Mrs. Spann.

There were always chocolate chip cookies (Ben’s favorite) in the cookie jar.

I wanted a place to archive these wonderful recipes, so the whole family had access to the recipes and to be honest, my recipes cards kept disappearing into the hands of my daughter or grand-daughter. When I needed a recipe, I had to hunt it down or I had to find the recipe and give it to Kristen over the phone because she could not find hers, (more precious memories). I’ll bet this has happened to you.

I know I learned to bake many wonderful dishes from the hands of my mom and I am sure you did too.

I tried to scan in as many recipes as I could, from the many cookbooks, recipe cards and clippings that mom collected over the years.

However, I do not want to limit these pages to just the Spann cookbook, please feel free to use these recipes, share them or contribute your favorite recipes. It is easy. To add a recipe, just use the form found on any page. I think it will be fun to include who, and where you obtained the recipe, a photo of the item if you have it, and any memories to go along with it.

I hope you will enjoy these recipes as much as I did when I first started out my adult life. I still feel mom’s hand in the cooking; she truly enjoyed making a wonderful home to all that entered through the door.

I have wanted to make a cookbook for a long time to share. Madeline’s graduation was the inspiration and until now, that had not happened, now my granddaughter is starting her married life, she needs these precious recipes.

I know Madeline you came over many times and made Christmas cookies with your grandma, mom, dad, and brothers. Kristen has many memories of cooking at Grandma Spann’s house.

Jasmine and Tyler have memories of cooking at the house with me. Tyler loved making grape juice and pumpkin pies from scratch.

I will also add some recipes I gathered from my mother-in-law Vonnie, sister-in-law Annemie and my grandmother, Nonie.


Whenever you need to stir up memories of home, pull out one of these recipes.

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